How Much Is a Shaken Espresso at Starbucks? (Here’s The Answer)

Do you love the cafe-style espresso drinks from Starbucks, but find them too expensive? Or perhaps you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new? If so, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll show you just how much a shaken espresso at Starbucks is, as well as other helpful tips for espresso lovers.

We’ll explore what a shaken espresso is, the different types at Starbucks, the prices of different drinks, variations in prices at different locations, the benefits of drinking shaken espresso, how to make a shaken espresso at home, and additional tips for espresso enthusiasts.

So, let’s get started!.

Short Answer

A shaken espresso from Starbucks will depend on the size you order.

A Tall shaken espresso is $3.

25, a Grande is $3.

75, and a Venti is $4.


If you add any additional flavors, syrups, or other add-ons, the price will increase.

However, if you are a Starbucks Rewards member, you may be eligible for discounts on your order.

What is a Shaken Espresso?

When it comes to coffee, theres nothing quite like a shaken espresso.

Unlike other coffee drinks, a shaken espresso uses a unique combination of espresso, milk, and ice to create a unique flavor and texture.

The espresso is shaken with ice to create a frothy drink that has a creamy texture and a slightly sweet flavor.

The milk adds a slightly sweet, creamy flavor that balances the espresso, while the ice helps to make the drink refreshing and cool.

Starbucks offers a variety of shaken espresso drinks, including the Starbucks Shaken Iced Espresso, Shaken Iced Espresso Macchiato and the Mint Mocha Coconutmilk Shaken Espresso.

Each of these drinks is made with espresso, milk, and ice and can be customized with additional flavors and sweeteners to create a unique and delicious drink.

The shaken espresso drinks from Starbucks are the perfect way to get a taste of something special without spending a lot of money.

Types of Shaken Espressos at Starbucks

When it comes to shaken espresso drinks, Starbucks has something for everyone.

From their classic Shaken Iced Espresso to the more exotic Mint Mocha Coconutmilk Shaken Espresso, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The Starbucks Shaken Iced Espresso is a classic, combining espresso and cold water to create a refreshing beverage.

It can be served over ice or blended with ice, depending on your preference.

For a more indulgent option, you can add milk or cream to the drink.

If youre looking for something a bit more flavorful, the Shaken Iced Espresso Macchiato is a great choice.

This drink is made with espresso, milk, and a few drops of vanilla-flavored syrup, and is shaken together with ice to create a creamy, frothy beverage.

The Mint Mocha Coconutmilk Shaken Espresso is a unique drink that combines espresso, coconut milk, and a hint of mint.

It is shaken with ice and finished off with a sprinkle of chocolate chips and a dollop of whipped cream for a decadent treat.

No matter which shaken espresso you choose, you can expect to pay between $3.

45 and $4.

25 for your drink, depending on the size and type of milk used.

Prices may vary slightly between locations.

So next time youre at Starbucks, grab a shaken espresso and discover your new favorite treat.

Prices of Shaken Espressos at Starbucks

When it comes to Starbucks shaken espresso offerings, theres something for everyone.

Whether youre looking for a creamy latte, a fruity macchiato, or a refreshing mint mocha, Starbucks has you covered.

But how much does a shaken espresso cost? The price of a shaken espresso at Starbucks typically depends on the size and type of milk used in the drink.

A small shaken espresso made with nonfat milk will cost around $3.

45, while a larger size with whole milk will cost around $4.


Prices may vary slightly between locations.

Starbucks offers an array of shaken espresso drinks for customers to enjoy.

From the classic Starbucks Shaken Iced Espresso to the Mint Mocha Coconutmilk Shaken Espresso, theres a flavor for every taste.

For those looking for something a little sweeter, the Caramel Espresso Macchiato and the Vanilla Macchiato are great options.

No matter what type of shaken espresso you choose, youre sure to get the perfect blend of flavors and a refreshing pick-me-up.

So if youre looking for a delicious and energizing treat, a shaken espresso from Starbucks is the way to go.

Just remember to check the price tag before you order you dont want to be surprised by the cost!.

Variations in Prices at Different Locations

When it comes to Starbucks prices, there is always a bit of variation based on the location.

Depending on the city, state, or even country, the cost of your shaken espresso drink may be slightly more or less than the standard range of $3.

45 to $4.


For example, in New York City, the cost of a shaken espresso drink may be slightly higher than the cost in a smaller, more rural town.

Similarly, the cost of a shaken espresso drink may be slightly lower in some countries due to the local currency exchange rate.

The price of a shaken espresso drink can also vary depending on the type of milk used.

For instance, if you opt for a dairy-free alternative like almond or coconut milk, you may incur a slightly higher price than if you were to order a drink with regular dairy milk.

Additionally, the cost of a shaken espresso drink may be higher or lower depending on the size of the drink.

A tall shaken espresso drink may cost less than a grande, while a venti may be more expensive.

Ultimately, the price of a shaken espresso drink at Starbucks can vary depending on the type of milk used, the size of the drink, and the location.

It is important to keep these factors in mind when ordering a shaken espresso drink, as the cost may be higher or lower than the standard range of $3.

45 to $4.


Benefits of Drinking Shaken Espresso

There are many benefits to enjoying a shaken espresso from Starbucks.

For starters, the espresso that is used to make these drinks is made from high-quality coffee beans, so you can expect to get a great flavor from your shaken espresso.

Additionally, the espresso is shaken with ice, which causes the drink to become cold quickly, making it an ideal choice for a hot summer day.

The combination of espresso and ice also makes the drink creamy and smooth, which is a great way to enjoy the flavor of espresso.

Furthermore, most shaken espresso drinks at Starbucks are also made with milk or dairy-free milk alternatives.

This adds a creamy texture and sweetness to the drink that you can’t get from regular espresso.

Finally, Starbucks shaken espresso drinks are very affordable, with most drinks costing between $3.

45 and $4.

25, depending on the size of the drink and the type of milk used.

How to Make a Shaken Espresso at Home

Making a shaken espresso at home is not as complicated as it may sound.

All you need is a few simple ingredients, an espresso machine, and a few minutes of your time.

First, you’ll need to brew your espresso.

Depending on your espresso machine, this can be done by either pressing a button or manually tamping the grounds.

If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can still make a delicious shaken espresso at home with a moka pot.

Once the espresso is brewed, you’ll need to shake it.

Pour the espresso into a shaker cup and seal it.

Shake the cup vigorously for 30 seconds.

This will add air to the espresso and create a frothy foam.

Once the espresso is foamy, add any additional ingredients you’d like.

Some popular flavors for a shaken espresso include vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

You can also add almond or coconut milk for a creamy, smooth texture.

For a cold shaken espresso, you can use ice cubes.

Add the ice cubes to the shaker cup before shaking.

If you’d like a hot shaken espresso, skip the ice and shake the espresso without it.

When you’re done shaking, it’s time to pour your espresso.

To get a beautiful coffee art, pour the espresso slowly into a glass.

You can also pour it directly into a mug if you’re in a hurry.

Now that you know how to make a shaken espresso at home, you can enjoy this delicious coffee drink any time you want! With the right ingredients and a few minutes of your time, you can make a delicious shaken espresso that rivals any barista.

Additional Tips for Shaken Espresso Enthusiasts

For those who are looking to get the most out of their shaken espresso experience, here are a few additional tips.

First, if you’re feeling adventurous, try customizing your shaken espresso with one of Starbucks’ many syrups or flavorings.

From classic flavors like caramel and vanilla to more exotic options like toasted white mocha sauce, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, you can always ask for your shake to be extra sweet or extra creamy for an added touch of decadence.

Another way to customize your shaken espresso is to try different types of milk.

If you’re looking for a dairy-free option, almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk are all great choices.

You can also try adding some cream or half-and-half for a richer, creamier taste.

Finally, don’t forget to experiment with your shaken espresso drinks.

Try adding a shot of espresso to your shaken iced latte for a little extra caffeine, or adding some ice to your shaken espresso macchiato for a refreshing twist.

With a little bit of creativity, you can create a unique drink that’s perfect for your tastes.

Final Thoughts

The price of a shaken espresso from Starbucks may vary slightly from location to location, but the range is generally between $3.

45 and $4.


There are many benefits to drinking shaken espresso, including its smooth and creamy texture and its intense coffee flavor.

If youre a shaken espresso enthusiast, you can even make your own version at home by following the steps outlined above.

Now that you know the answer to How much is a shaken espresso at Starbucks?, you can enjoy a delicious shaken espresso anytime you like.

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