About Us

Welcome to Coffee Pursuing!

Many individuals like drinking coffee, but relatively few people are skilled at making it.

We became aware of this and made the decision to take action.

We created Coffee Pursuing in order to spread our passion for coffee among other coffee lovers.

Our blogs cover all things coffee. Equipment, beans, various roasts, and all the latest innovations are brought to the market each year.

Our goal is to teach other coffee drinkers how to make the best coffee at home while introducing them to beans from across the world.

Our Team

James Stell, Founder and Writer

James used to just drink instant coffee, but after beginning his barista training, he discovered a whole new world.

He never again drank instant coffee, and he has made it his life’s work to teach others what he has discovered about coffee.

As he shares his experience with a global audience of coffee enthusiasts through Coffee Pursuing, he is now continuing to broaden his horizons and increase the depth of his expertise.

Alan Laney, Writer

Former coffee roaster and barista Alan now works as a freelance writer. From the bean to the brew, he adores everything coffee.

Some of the greatest professionals in the field have been introduced to and taught by Alan.

He aims to demystify the art of making coffee as a coffee writer so that anybody can learn how to brew delicious coffee at home.

John Mitchell, Editor

John, a former barista, has a love for teaching others about brewing.

Early in 2010, he began working as a barista before learning the skill of freshly roasting coffee.

You can find him blogging at Coffee Pursuing when he’s not binge-watching cooking shows or experimenting with new coffee recipes.