What Coffee Beans Do McDonald’s Use? (QUICK FACTS)

What Coffee Beans Do McDonald’s Use

Burgers, fries, and milkshakes are often what come to mind when most of us think of McDonald’s, not necessarily gourmet coffee.

But many are raving about the coffee that the fast food juggernaut serves.

What Coffee Beans Do McDonalds Use?

McDonald’s utilizes only 100% arabica beans, and while Gavina gourmet coffee is their main source of coffee in the USA, other companies also provide them.

McDonald’s aims to provide each client with their chosen Roast.

The business has joined forces with farms that are rainforest alliance certified and uphold the best ethical and environmental standards throughout the globe.

Their coffee is regarded as having nutty, somewhat bitter, and chocolate overtones by fans.

It should come as no surprise that their coffee is of the highest caliber given that only the best coffee beans, coffee makers, and baristas are used.

Who Are the Two Primary Coffee Suppliers of McDonald’s?

The two most important coffee suppliers for McDonald’s are probably Gavia Gourmet Coffee and Newman’s Own Organics’ Blend.

Let’s examine each in more detail and how it all began.

Gaviña Gourmet Coffee

More than 33 years have passed since McDonald’s and Gavia first started working together.

If Gavia wanted to succeed and start working with McD’s, they truly had to locate only the optimum blend and type of coffee beans.

This ultimately led to the creation of McDonald’s Premium Roast Blend.

It mixes coffee from South and Central America, which is renowned for its low bodies, sharp acidity, and sweet overtones, with traces of floral, citrus, and spicy flavors.

Today, Gavia offers McD’s staff a training course where they may learn the proper method for preparing coffee.

McDonald’s only receives coffee of the highest caliber, according to Pedro, one of the proprietors of Gavia Gourmet Coffee.

Newman’s Own Organics Blend

In 2005, McDonald’s and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters collaborated to release their Newman’s Own Organics blend to the public.

In 2009, they renewed their arrangement, which is still in effect today.

Newman’s Own Organics is a special combination of

Three incredible coffee flavors: hazelnut, caramel, and vanilla.

There are two roast types: light and medium.

Its clean, smooth, and well-balanced body can be enjoyed hot or cold.

The very finest thing?

More than 600 McDonald’s cafés and restaurants in New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, and Albany now carry Newman’s Own Organics.

Can You Buy Coffee Beans From McDonald’s?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s outlets in North America do not sell beans, ground coffee, or pods directly to customers.

You can only buy their branded coffee online or at a nearby supermarket.

It won’t be precisely the same as what they serve in their restaurants, as was already said, but it’s still extremely nice coffee and worth a try.

What Makes the Coffee at McDonald’s Taste So Good?

Even those who don’t typically drink coffee usually like an espresso drink.

Let’s just say that if you add a lot of milk and different types of sugar, dirt may taste wonderful.

Due to their moderate flavor profile, Arabica coffee beans are an excellent choice for the coffee itself at McDonald’s in addition to being added to their espresso beverages with milk and sugar.

While Robusta may be more well-liked by coffee experts (although this does not mean that they do not appreciate Arabica beans), the flavor profile tends to be more earthy and harsh, which deters many people from drinking coffee more frequently.

While there are many different roasteries that can provide a cup of coffee that is smoother, McDonald’s consistently offers high quality, making it a fantastic destination to get your morning java in addition to being a go-to spot for breakfast.

By far not the greatest coffee available, but it’s high quality, mellow, and has overtones of chocolate and nuts.

One of the finest qualities of Arabica beans is that they might be less acidic than Robusta, in addition to being smooth.

For certain people, especially those who frequently experience stomach problems, this is crucial.

It’s hardly a secret that McDonald’s cuisine isn’t exactly healthy, so if you’re eating heavier fare, you don’t want your cup of coffee to send you over the line into indigestion.

Drink to your heart’s content.

What Are the Best Coffee Drinks Offered by McDonald’s?

The McCafe at McDonald’s offers a variety of coffee drinks, including caramel frappes, French vanilla lattes, and caramel macchiatos.

These beverages are unquestionably works of beauty, but they are also quite a calorie and sugar dense.

The natural tastes of the coffee beans are also diminished by these beverages, so it’s better to keep things straightforward.

The top five coffee options at McDonald’s are as follows.


Espresso is used to make luscious, creamy lattes.

Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin, and protein are just a few of the essential components included in milk’s sugar that can help keep your body in good shape.

Milk’s macronutrients aid in lowering blood sugar levels.


With its potent and distinctive tastes, a straightforward Americano is sufficient to get your morning going.

This espresso-based beverage will instantly awaken you to full alertness.


How does McDonald’s get such a perfect balance of espresso with the other components in their mocha? This beverage is quite delicious!


A true morning zinger is a cappuccino. It is easy to make and tasty; it uses two espresso shots.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is just what you need when regular black coffee won’t do on a hot day. Its simplicity makes it tasty.

What Is the Most Popular Coffee at McDonald’s?

At McDonald’s, drip coffee is by far the most popular beverage; only in the United States, 500 million cups are sold each day.

The Mocha and Caramel Frappes are also quite popular, despite the fact that drip coffee is the most popular in terms of sales.

Despite their popularity as an afternoon treat, as they are not made with espresso or brewed coffee, they might not be the greatest option for your morning brew.

Instead, McDonald’s flavors their frappes with coffee extract.

Who Makes Better Coffee: Starbucks or McDonald’s?

Coffees from Starbucks and McDonald’s don’t taste the same and aren’t roasted to the same degree.

The argument over whether McDonald’s or Starbucks is superior will continue indefinitely.

However, in the end, it comes down to each person’s own taste choice.

Starbucks offers a wider selection and roasts their beans black, which may put some people off.

McDonald’s often appeals to a wider audience since it has a smaller selection, is significantly less priced, and serves medium-dark roast.

My wife finds McDonald’s coffee to be “disgusting,” even though I’m fine with drinking it that way.

On hot summer days, she can handle their iced coffee. Her palate, however, often favors darker roasts, like those offered by Starbucks.


Do the Senior Citizens Get Free Coffee at McDonald’s?

Since McDonald’s restaurants are franchises, there will be variations between them.

Many provide senior discounts, but I’m not sure whether any of them also include a free cup of coffee.

Is Pre-ground Coffee the Only Kind Used by McDonald’s?

It requires briefly examining McDonald’s history to get an answer.

The McDonald brothers started their business in San Bernadino, California, in 1940, and it immediately became known as the “father of fast-food” restaurants.

It was just the McDonald brothers’ ingenious method for quickly producing freshly prepared meals so they could serve much more clients each day.

Let’s return to the present, when McDonald’s serves more than 500 million cups of coffee daily, with this in mind.

To offer so many brewed coffee beverages with freshly ground coffee would be a near-impossible operation for their company.

So, a qualified “yes” would be given to the question.

For their freshly prepared cups of coffee, McDonald’s exclusively utilizes pre-ground coffee.

Their other coffee beverages are a completely other matter.

Which Type of Creamer Is Used by McDonald’s in Their Coffee?

The business that McDonald’s works with to supply their coffee creamer is not made public, however, the creamer has 6% fat (for comparison, whole milk is 3.5%).

Milk, cream, sodium phosphate, DATEM, sodium stearoyl lactylate, sodium citrate, and carrageenan are among the constituents.

Though it could take some trial and error to achieve the perfect flavor, you might think about combining whole milk or half and half with a powdered creamer to increase the fat content.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy coffee, you can probably get better coffee elsewhere than at McDonald’s.

However, the truth remains that a McDonald’s can be found on every other corner.

If you’re already there for a bite to eat, you can count on it for a high-quality cup.

You’re guaranteed to discover something to satiate your palette with authentic, high-quality espresso and 100% Arabica beans for brewed coffee.

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