How to Make an Iced Latte? (Deliciously Simple Recipe)

Do you love the taste of coffee and the sweetness of ice cream in one delicious drink? If so, then youre going to love this deliciously simple recipe for an iced latte.

Crafting your own iced latte is easier than you think, and with this guide, youll have a delicious and refreshing drink in no time.

Well show you how to gather your ingredients, brew your espresso, sweeten it, fill a glass with ice, add the espresso, add the milk, and top it with whipped cream.

So read on for a simple and delicious guide to making an iced latte!

Short Answer

To make an iced latte, begin by brewing a strong pot of coffee.

Once the coffee has finished brewing, let it cool for a few minutes.

Next, fill a glass with ice and pour the cooled coffee over the ice.

Add a few tablespoons of your favorite sweetener, such as sugar or syrup, and stir until fully dissolved.

Finally, add a generous splash of milk and stir to combine.

Enjoy your delicious iced latte!

Gather Your Ingredients

Making an iced latte at home is easy and delicious, but first you need to gather the right ingredients.

Start with a good-quality espresso, preferably freshly brewed.

You’ll also need two tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of vanilla extract.

For the latte itself, you’ll need two shots of espresso, a cup of cold milk, and a dollop of whipped cream for the top.

Depending on your preferences, you may also choose to add flavored syrups or specialty ingredients such as cinnamon or cocoa powder.

Make sure to have all your ingredients ready before you begin making your latte.

With a few simple ingredients and some creativity, you can craft a delicious and refreshing drink that will have your friends and family begging for more!

Brew Your Espresso

Brewing the perfect espresso is the first and most important step in creating a delicious iced latte.

It’s important to use freshly-ground espresso beans for the best flavor.

Start by measuring out two tablespoons of espresso beans and grinding them to a coarse consistency.

Place the freshly-ground espresso into an espresso maker and brew it according to manufacturer instructions.

Once the espresso is finished brewing, add two tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of vanilla extract to the espresso and stir until combined.

This mixture will be used to create the latte.

Now that you have your espresso ready, you can start making the iced latte.

Sweeten the Espresso

When it comes to making an iced latte at home, the key is to sweeten the espresso properly.

To do this, start by brewing a fresh pot of espresso.

Once the espresso is brewed, add two tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of vanilla extract to the espresso.

The combination of the sugar and the vanilla extract helps to create a delicious, sweet flavor that pairs perfectly with iced lattes.

For an even sweeter flavor, you can also try adding a teaspoon of honey or agave nectar to the espresso.

Once the espresso is sweetened, it’s time to start making the latte.

Fill a Glass with Ice

When it comes to making an iced latte, the first step is to fill a tall glass with ice.

The amount of ice cubes you use is totally up to you, but for a classic iced latte experience, use about a cup of ice cubes.

This will ensure that your latte is chilled and refreshing.

Its important to use cold milk and cold espresso to get the best flavor from your iced latte, so the ice will help keep the temperature low.

If you dont have enough ice, you can always use a few ice cubes and a few ice cubes with a bit of cold water.

This will help to cool the espresso and milk before you add it to your glass.

Once you have the ice in the glass, youre ready to move on to the next step.

Add the Espresso

Once you have your pot of freshly brewed espresso, it’s time to add the delicious flavorings.

Start by adding two tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of vanilla extract to the espresso.

This will give the latte a sweet and creamy flavor.

You can also experiment with other flavorings like cinnamon, nutmeg, or almond extract, depending on your preference.

Once the sugar and vanilla extract have been added, stir the espresso until it is fully mixed in.

This will ensure that the flavorings are evenly distributed throughout the latte.

Add the Milk

Once you have brewed the espresso, added the sugar and vanilla extract, and filled your tall glass with ice, it’s time to add the milk.

For an iced latte, you will want to use cold milk.

Using cold milk ensures that the iced latte will stay cold and refreshing.

If you prefer a creamier latte, use whole milk, otherwise you can use skim or reduced fat milk depending on your preference.

When adding the milk, pour it slowly while stirring the espresso and ice.

This will ensure that the espresso and milk are properly combined.

After the milk is added, the latte should have a nice, creamy texture.

If you want to add a little extra sweetness to the latte, you can add a splash of flavored syrup.

Once the latte is finished, top it off with a dollop of whipped cream for a delicious and refreshing treat.

If you want to get creative, you can also top your latte with chocolate shavings, caramel sauce, or a sprinkle of cinnamon.

No matter how you top it off, you are sure to have a delicious iced latte.


Top with Whipped Cream

Topping off your homemade iced latte with whipped cream is the perfect finishing touch.

Not only does it add a bit of sweetness and a creamy texture, but it also adds extra flavor and makes the drink look more aesthetically pleasing.

To achieve the perfect topping, make sure to use freshly whipped cream.

You can either buy a can of whipped cream from your local supermarket or make your own with heavy cream and a bit of sugar.

Whipped cream can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

When ready to serve, simply spoon some of the whipped cream onto the top of your latte and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to make a delicious iced latte right at home, why not give it a try? All you need is some espresso, sugar, vanilla extract, milk and some ice.

With this simple recipe, you’ll be able to make an iced latte that’s just as good as anything from a cafe.

Enjoy your freshly brewed iced latte!

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