How To Make Arabic Coffee in Qatar? (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Do you want to experience the unique flavor of Qatari-Style Arabic Coffee? This traditional drink has been enjoyed for centuries and is a popular part of Qatari culture.

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to make it yourself.

Well cover what you need, grinding cardamom and saffron, boiling the water, adding the powder to the dabqa, adding coffee to the pot, simmering the coffee, and pouring and enjoying the coffee.

Get ready to experience the unique taste of this traditional Qatari beverage!

Short Answer

To make Arabic coffee in Qatar you will need coarsely ground Arabic coffee, a qahwa (Arabic coffee pot), cardamom, and sugar.

Begin by adding the coffee and cardamom to the pot and fill it with water.

Place the pot over medium heat and bring to a boil.

Once the coffee is boiling, remove the pot from the heat and pour it back into the pot a few times.

Finally, add sugar to taste and pour the coffee into small cups.


What is Qatari-Style Arabic Coffee?

Qatari-style Arabic coffee is a traditional Middle Eastern beverage that is brewed with cardamom and saffron.

This type of coffee is widely enjoyed in Qatar, as well as in other parts of the Middle East.

It is typically served as a sign of hospitality, and is often accompanied by dates and pastries.

The drink is usually prepared by boiling water with cardamom and saffron, then adding ground coffee to the mixture.

The mixture is then simmered for several minutes before it is poured into small cups and served.

The distinctive flavor of Qatari-style Arabic coffee is attributed to the cardamom and saffron.

Cardamom is a spice commonly used in Middle Eastern cuisine, and has a sweet yet slightly spicy taste.

Saffron, on the other hand, is a spice that is known for its vibrant orange-red color and its earthy flavor.

When combined, these two spices give the coffee a unique flavor that is both sweet and spicy.

Additionally, the coffee is typically brewed with a special pot known as a dabqa, which is designed to bring out the full flavor of the beverage.

What You Need to Make Qatari-Style Arabic Coffee

Making Qatari-style Arabic coffee is a simple yet delightful experience.

To make this traditional Middle Eastern beverage, you will need a few key ingredients and tools, starting with the cardamom and saffron.

These two spices give the coffee its unique flavor and aroma, so it’s important to make sure they are of the highest quality possible.

In addition to these spices, you will need ground coffee, a dabqa (a traditional Middle Eastern coffee pot), and water.

Make sure to have all these ingredients and tools on hand before you begin the brewing process.

Once you have everything ready, you can follow the step-by-step guide below for a delicious cup of Qatari-style Arabic coffee.

Grinding Cardamom and Saffron

Grinding the cardamom and saffron to powder is an important step in making Qatari-style Arabic coffee.

Cardamom and saffron are two spices that add unique, aromatic flavor to the coffee.

Grinding these two spices to a powder helps to fully release their flavors, creating a richer and more aromatic cup of coffee.

When grinding the cardamom and saffron, it is best to use a mortar and pestle.

This will ensure that the spices are ground to a fine powder.

If a mortar and pestle are not available, a spice grinder or a coffee grinder can also be used.

Just be sure to clean the grinder thoroughly after use to remove any lingering flavors.

When grinding the spices, be sure to use only a small amount at a time.

This will help prevent the grinder from becoming clogged or overheated.

Additionally, be sure to take breaks in between grinding sessions to prevent the spices from becoming too fine and burning.

Once the cardamom and saffron have been ground to a fine powder, they are ready to be used in the coffee.

This step is essential in making Qatari-style Arabic coffee, and will help create a delicious and aromatic cup of coffee.

Boiling the Water

Brewing traditional Qatari-style Arabic coffee is an art form, and it all starts with boiling the right amount of water.

When boiling the water, its important to use a pot that is specifically designed for making Arabic coffee, known as a dabqa.

This type of pot is usually made of copper, and it is designed to hold just the right amount of water needed to make a delicious cup of Arabic coffee.

When boiling the water, add two tablespoons of ground cardamom and a pinch of saffron to the pot.

This will give the coffee its signature flavor and aroma.

Allow the water to simmer for a few minutes to allow the spices to infuse into the water.

Then, its ready to pour into the dabqa.

When pouring the water into the dabqa, be sure to fill it to the brim.

Make sure that the surface of the water is flat and even, as this will ensure that the coffee is brewed evenly.

Once the water is in the dabqa, its time to add the coffee.

Adding the Powder to the Dabqa

Once you have ground the cardamom and saffron to a fine powder, it is time to add the powder to the dabqa.

Before adding the powder, you will need to bring one cup of water to a boil.

Once the water is boiling, reduce the heat and slowly add the powder.

Make sure to stir the mixture continuously as you add the powder, ensuring that it is fully mixed in.

Allow the mixture to simmer for a few minutes, then pour it into the dabqa.

This will help to extract the full flavor and aroma of the cardamom and saffron, creating the perfect base for your cup of Qatari-style Arabic coffee.

Adding Coffee to the Pot

Adding coffee to the pot is an important step when making Qatari-style Arabic coffee.

To do this, you should first measure out two tablespoons of ground coffee and add it to the dabqa.

Make sure to stir the mixture well to ensure that all of the grounds are evenly distributed.

Once the coffee is in the pot, you should slowly bring it to a boil.

Be careful not to let it boil over, as this can cause a mess and make the coffee too bitter.

Once the mixture starts to boil, reduce the heat and let it simmer for several minutes.

This allows the coffee to extract the flavors of the cardamom and saffron, as well as the natural flavors of the coffee beans.

Once the coffee is ready, it should be poured into small cups and enjoyed.

Simmering the Coffee

Simmering the coffee is an important step in preparing Qatari-style Arabic coffee.

To simmer the coffee, begin by boiling one cup of water and mixing in the ground powder of cardamom and saffron.

Allow the mixture to simmer for a few minutes, then pour it into the dabqa.

Once the dabqa is filled with the mixture, add two tablespoons of ground coffee to the pot and slowly bring it to a boil.

Keep an eye on the pot as the coffee boils, and reduce the heat as soon as it begins to bubble.

Let the coffee simmer for several minutes, and then it is ready to pour into small cups and enjoy! To ensure the best flavor, make sure to not overcook the coffee, as this can lead to a bitter taste.

Simmering the coffee correctly will create a smooth, sweet, and aromatic cup of Qatari-style Arabic coffee.

Pouring and Enjoying the Coffee

When it comes to pouring and enjoying the Arabic coffee, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure the perfect cup.

To start, you’ll need to pour the coffee from the dabqa into small cups.

If you have a traditional dabqa, you’ll want to pour the coffee in a circular motion to preserve the foam on top.

Once the coffee has been poured into the cups, allow it to cool for a few minutes before serving.

When it comes to serving the coffee, you can either serve it with sugar or without.

Traditionally, Qatari-style Arabic coffee is served without sugar, as it has its own natural sweetness.

However, if you’d prefer to add a bit of sweetness to your cup, you can add a few teaspoons of sugar.

Once the coffee is ready, it’s time to enjoy it.

With its rich flavor and aroma, Qatari-style Arabic coffee is guaranteed to delight.

So sit back, relax, and savor every sip.

Final Thoughts

Making Qatari-style Arabic coffee is a unique and enjoyable experience.

From grinding cardamom and saffron to simmering the coffee in the dabqa, each step of the process has its own special flavor and aroma.

Now that you know how to make this traditional Middle Eastern beverage, why not give it a try and enjoy a cup of delicious Arabic coffee?

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