How To Make Vietnamese Coffee With An Espresso Machine? (An Easy Guide)

Vietnamese coffee is a unique and flavorful beverage that is easy to make with an espresso machine.

Whether you’re looking for a tasty new espresso-based drink to add to your repertoire or searching for a creative way to use your espresso machine, this easy guide will show you how to make a delicious cup of Vietnamese coffee.

In this article, we’ll cover all the steps, from preheating the espresso machine to stirring the mixture together.

So if you’re ready to learn how to make Vietnamese coffee with an espresso machine, let’s get started!

Short Answer

To make Vietnamese coffee with an espresso machine, you will need a coffee filter (often called a Vietnamese phin filter), finely ground dark roast coffee, and an espresso machine.

Start by filling the filter with the ground coffee, then slowly pour hot water over the grounds.

Once all the water is poured, place the filter on top of your espresso mug and press down gently to ensure the filter is secure.

Finally, place the filter and mug under the espresso machine and pull a shot of espresso.

The resulting coffee should be strong and sweet.


What is Vietnamese Coffee?

Vietnamese coffee is a unique and strong-tasting beverage that is becoming increasingly popular around the world.

It is a type of coffee that is brewed with an espresso machine and is known for its intense flavor.

This method of brewing coffee is believed to have originated in Vietnam in the 19th century, and has since become a popular way to enjoy coffee in many other countries.

Vietnamese coffee has a strong, bold flavor that is often described as being similar to a dark roast espresso.

It is a well-balanced coffee that is both sweet and bitter, with a smooth body and a lingering aftertaste.

It is also often served with sweetened condensed milk, which adds a creamy texture and a hint of sweetness to the beverage.

Whether you are a fan of strong coffee or just looking to try something new, Vietnamese coffee is definitely worth a try!

What You Need to Make Vietnamese Coffee

Making Vietnamese coffee with an espresso machine is surprisingly simple! All you need are three basic ingredients: espresso, sweetened condensed milk, and boiling hot water. Espresso is the main component of Vietnamese coffee, so youll need to make sure you have a quality espresso machine to make the perfect cup. Sweetened condensed milk is what gives Vietnamese coffee its signature creamy taste, so make sure you have some on hand as well. Finally, youll need boiling hot water to top off the mug or cup. Once you have the right ingredients, youre ready to make a delicious Vietnamese coffee!

Preheating the Espresso Machine

Preheating the espresso machine is an important step for making Vietnamese coffee.

Before adding the espresso, the machine must be completely warmed up to ensure optimal flavor and texture.

As the machine warms up, the water will heat to the ideal temperature for making espresso, which is around 200F.

To preheat the machine, ensure it is connected to a power source and turn it on.

Once the temperature is reached, the machine will be ready to use.

It is important to note that the preheating process takes a few minutes, depending on the machine.

To ensure the espresso is extracted correctly, let the machine preheat for at least five minutes before adding the espresso.

Additionally, it is a good idea to run a few shots of hot water through the machine before adding the espresso.

This will help remove any air bubbles or impurities that may be present in the machine, providing a smoother cup of Vietnamese coffee.

Adding the Espresso

Making Vietnamese coffee with an espresso machine is easy and the results are sure to be delicious! To start, you’ll need to preheat your espresso machine and then add 1-2 shots of espresso to your mug or cup.

Make sure to use a good quality espresso that has been freshly ground to get the best flavor.

If you have a single-serve espresso machine, you may want to consider using a double-shot for a stronger cup of coffee.

Once you’ve added the espresso, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Adding Sweetened Condensed Milk

Once you have your espresso ready, it’s time to add the sweetened condensed milk.

Sweetened condensed milk is the key ingredient to making a traditional Vietnamese coffee.

It’s made by condensing cows milk with sugar, resulting in a thick, sweet syrup that adds a subtle sweetness and creamy texture to the beverage.

Depending on how sweet you want your coffee, you can use anywhere from one to two tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk in your drink.

When adding the condensed milk, it’s important to stir it into your espresso thoroughly to ensure that it’s completely blended.

This will help you to get the perfect balance of strong espresso and creamy sweetness.

Topping Off with Hot Water

Once the espresso and sweetened condensed milk have been added to the mug, it is time to top off the beverage with hot water.

To get the perfect balance of ingredients, it is important to use boiling hot water.

This will ensure that the espresso, milk, and water all blend together perfectly.

For a full-bodied cup of Vietnamese coffee, use one cup (8 ounces) of boiling hot water.

For a lighter cup, use half a cup (4 ounces) of boiling hot water.

After adding the hot water, stir the mixture together and enjoy your delicious Vietnamese coffee.

When adding the hot water, it is also important to consider the temperature of the espresso machine.

If the machine is not preheated, the hot water will cool down the espresso and alter the flavor of the drink.

To ensure the best results, preheat the espresso machine before starting the process and use boiling hot water for the topping off.

This will guarantee a perfectly balanced cup of delicious Vietnamese coffee.

Stirring the Mixture Together

Stirring the mixture together is the final step in making Vietnamese coffee with an espresso machine.

After the espresso and sweetened condensed milk have been added to the mug or cup, the hot water should then be poured in to fill the mug.

The contents of the mug should then be stirred together until the sweetened condensed milk and espresso are fully incorporated.

Depending on the size of the mug, a spoon or chopsticks can be used to stir the mixture.

For those who prefer a stronger cup of coffee, more espresso can be added to the mix.

When stirring the mixture, it’s important to do so gently and evenly so that all the ingredients are fully combined.

Also, make sure to not over-stir the mixture as this can cause the espresso to become bitter and the sweetened condensed milk to become curdled.

For the perfect cup of Vietnamese coffee, stirring the mixture should be done slowly and gently.

After stirring, the coffee will be ready to drink.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to make Vietnamese coffee with an espresso machine, you can enjoy this unique and strong-tasting beverage any time you want! Make sure you preheat the espresso machine, add 1-2 shots of espresso, 1-2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk, top off with hot water, and stir the mixture together.

Enjoy your delicious Vietnamese coffee!

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